Brent Nygaard

a bit about me

My name is Brent Halverson Nygaard. I am a UI & UX design professional. I'm also an American expat who lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. I am a husband, father, and underground dance phenomenon (maybe...?).

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My creative path began when I was about 8 and I started copying the drawings in my dad's bird book. But it was only in high school where I had the good fortune of being taught by a design-education pioneer and well-respected artist, that I really discovered my love for design and creativity.

Right out of high school I went and got myself a BA degree in Creative Branding, specializing in Visual Communications. For the next eight years after that, I worked at a branding agency as a general graphic designer/web designer/branding specialist/go-to IT dude, etc!

It was during those years at the agency that I realised I experienced the most joy at work when I was strategising and designing digital interfaces. And so I started slowly nudging my career in that direction. I'd jump at every chance to take on those kinds of projects, read articles, take courses, and generally immerse myself in the world of good user experience and user interface design.

It truly excites me every day that I now get to run my own business focussing solely on improving digital interfaces and making good design accessible to small development firms.


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