who the fine-heck am I?

My name is Brent Halverson Nygaard. I am a creative designer and web developer. I'm also an American expat who lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. I am a husband, father, and underground dance phenomenon (maybe...?).

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I've been designing brands and websites professionally since 2012, and for the love of it for a number of years before that (but I still do it because I love it).

My design adventure began in the distant past when I was about 8 and I started copying the drawings in my dad's bird book. Because what else would 8-year-old me do? But it was only in high school, where I had the good fortune of being taught by a design-education pioneer and well-respected artist, that my love for design and creativity was truly ignited.

I followed that up by getting myself a BA degree in Creative Branding, specializing in Visual Communications, from a fancy-shmancy branding college. Then add 8 amazing years of agency experience as a general graphic designer/web guy/branding specialist/go-to IT dude, and well, here we are!

I think that small businesses are hugely important for local economies and deserve strong brands and beautiful websites that will help them thrive and grow.

If you run a small-but-bold business and have a feeling that your brand or web presence could be better, contact me to schedule a call. I'd love to help.