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How To Plan Your App's MVP

Brent Nygaard |

Creating an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is one of the earliest steps in launching a digital product. Your MVP should be the simplest version of the app that provides as much real value to your users as possible.

5 ways to improve the typography in your interfaces

Brent Nygaard |

The words and legibility of our UIs are so, so important. Let's go over a few easy-to-implement typography tricks that will take your web apps and sites to the next level.

how to perform a mini UX audit in 5 steps

Brent Nygaard |

Learn the basic, big-picture steps needed to perform your own UX design audit on your web apps, websites, and mobile apps.

the UX design process for non-designers

Brent Nygaard |

Great processes can produce great work and UX design is no exception. Follow this breakdown of the design thinking method to improve your UX game.

the laws of user experience design

Brent Nygaard |

Designing good user experiences is hard. It can require lots of research, lots of testing, and despite our best efforts to be as user-centered as possible, people can just be hard to please.

developing my site with eleventy - part 3

Brent Nygaard |

Third and final post of my website build series. I talk about my feature wish-list, what I want to improve, and what needs to be fixed.

developing my site with eleventy - part 2

Brent Nygaard |

Part two of my website build series. Here I lay out the behind-the-scenes details of how I have set up my website using the Eleventy SSG.

developing my site with eleventy - part 1

Brent Nygaard |

Part one in a three-part series on how and why I built this site with the Eleventy static site generator.

Hello, world!

Brent Nygaard |

Hi, welcome to my blog. Take a gander why don't you.

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