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Malan Vorster Website Design

web design

Custom website design for an architecture firm.

Project details


Malan Vorster Architects

My role

I was the primary designer assigned while working at Engage Brandcraft


To redesign the firm's website and project gallery.

Malan Vorster, a successful architecture firm, came to us with a very clear vision for a full-screen (no scrolling) website redesign. They had a number of beautiful, high-profile buildings that they wanted to focus the viewer's complete attention on.

To fulfill their vision and keep the focus on the photos I kept all UI elements pure white with black or gray text. The photos are always full-screen with extra information only available after bringing up a modal view. I used very minimal graphical elements and icons, using the line thickness found in their logo as my queue for graphical line work.

malan vorster homepage


malan vorster main navigation

Main navigation menu

malan vorster mobile homepage

Mobile homepage and navigation

malan vorster project gallery

Project gallery

malan vorster project landing page

Project landing page

malan vorster project details modal

Project details modal

malan vorster publications gallery

Featured publications gallery

malan vorster contact page

Contact page with map

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